Movie Review: “And So It Goes”



This week in dvd releases, a new sentimental comedy/drama by Rob Reiner came out titled “And So It Goes.” This movie featured actors Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. I had seen this movie in theater, but bought it today on DVD to watch over again with family. The movie was better this time than in the theater. The movie is not your typical man chases woman plot with a few twists, but more a story of man meets granddaughter, while his son goes off to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Michael Douglas’ character, Oren, suddenly gets a new lease on life. The movie is very heartfelt and touching and Micheal Douglas plays the perfect narcissist from the beginning. Diane Keaton is her normal, talented and funny self with her typical humorous facial expressions and loved characteristics, so many of her characters all possess. Diane Keaton’s character even works her “chops” and sings a few melodies. I would definitely recommend this movie. I do not like to base movies off stars as I feel it is far too hard to project how many stars a film deserves because of so many different factors and reaching so many different audiences.  I would instead, love to hear your feedback after you see it. I thought it was charming.

Happy Watching!

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