Well good afternoon everyone, did anyone happen to catch the AMA awards last night? For those of you that happened to miss or do not know what AMA stands for, it is the American Music Awards. This year the AMA’s were hosted by Pit-bull and featured performances by many of the hottest artists performing their newest hits.  As the awards ended, I sat and reflected upon the performances of the night and here is my list of the HITS and MISSES of the evening.


Taylor Swift, what can I say about this woman that hasn’t already been addressed. She is incredibly talented and creative. Her lyrics on her newly released cd 1989 are haunting and each and every song possesses the power of holding a number one hit on the billboard music charts. Taylor has already found herself there with the first released hit, “Shake it Off” and followed by “Blank Space.” The performance last night was not disappointing, as she opened the show, she theatrically performed her new hit “Blank Space.” What I enjoy about Taylor Swift is that she adds a story and act to her song performances, this was very creative and she looked gorgeous.

2014 American Music Awards - Show

As far as hosting goes, I feel that they could get someone better to host than Pit bull. Possibly, I am not a fan of Pit bull that much and so I do not see his greatness as a host or musician, but I feel like with all the great celebrities out there that he definitely could have been filled by someone with more charisma. Pit bull later performed alongside Ne-yo for “Time of our Lives” and “Fireball.” I used this time to get popcorn or take a bathroom break. I find Pit bull’s songs to be redundant with melody and lyrical content.


Luke Bryan, a real country hunk and gentleman won for Favorite Male Artist. I was a bit surprised he did not perform last night, as I would have loved to have seen him “Shake it for me.” This country star has it all from appearance, moves and voice. Highly recommend you check his music out! The award for best pop duo/group went to One Direction. Here begins my REAL misses. I do not understand the whole appeal of this group. I am sure teenage girls could give me a million reasons as to why they are wonderful, but back in my day New Kids on the Block, N-Sync and Backstreet Boys were where it was at. I find these boys to not be good looking by any means, in fact, Harry needs a haircut. The songs are alright and have more substance than some other boy pop groups I will say but they are definitely not handsome. The group performed “Night Changes” last night and while the stage setting was nice and the lyrics were sweet and tender, I just cannot help but cringe thinking these boys are heartthrobs. Then again, I felt like I was watching the Beatles and the ladies loved them as well, so maybe it is just me.


The other HIT of the night for me was Selena Gomez.  Selena, more commonly known as dating Justin Bieber off and on, sang a beautiful and angelic song called “The heart wants what it wants.” This song brought Selena to tears at the end of her performance, very emotional and even her ex-best friend Taylor Swift seemed moved. The song background of angel wings, rose petals and at the end the body and hands against the glass were what made this scene setting even more haunting. This was a big WIN for me last night along with Taylor Swift. The creativity and lyrics of these songs are what keeps music alive and well.


As opposed, to Lil Wayne and his MISS for me. What a mess that performance was. Christina Milan joined him on stage to sing his new hit “Start a Fire” and no fire was ignited for me during this performance. Lil Wayne is just down right creepy to me appearance wise, and though he has a unique voice I tend to like as a background singer to some, his lyrical content is poor and the way half the song had to be beeped out during the event just makes me feel sorry for the generation that lives in a world of “beeps” throughout their parental advisory cds and songs. Is this the content we want our youth learning to say? Is this how we want men to view women? I won’t even repeat some of the lyrics, look it up for yourself.


The Dick Clark first Award of Excellence went to Taylor Swift. Surprise. Taylor used this time to speak against her “anti-spotify” feelings and how buying an original album is where it is still at and that the numbers of her sales show she can still bring people in to buy her music and not stealing it. Diana Ross presented and Taylor spoke of the greatness of a woman to be all she can be even when it is not popular. This girl at 24 has experience and years behind her. She is a real gem in the music industry as she has transitioned from country to pop.


The closing of the show, BIG HIT, as always with anything J-LO. Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Izalea rocked the stage with their “booty.” Jennifer Lopez looked amazing in her red, sequin one piece and rejected a “booty call” as she performed a dance break that was definitely worth staying up all night for. What talent this young woman has. She is not only beauty, brains but has a body. If anyone has not seen this video, I recommend checking it out on Youtube. The beat is catchy, and though the lyrics lack real thought or motivation, they definitely get one out on the dance floor.

Much more occurred at the awards last night, but these were just the main hit and misses I noticed, personally. I would love to hear other viewer’s opinions as well. What did you like or think was a miss?

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