Product Review: Hallmark Special Delivery “Find Me Santa!” Snowflake


As the holiday season has come upon us, the stores have begun lining the aisles for Black Friday and Christmas shoppers to empty their wallets this holiday season. I am always intrigued by the new products Hallmark puts out as they always have the newest and most innovative items for the year. A couple years ago, Hallmark featured a special duo of Santas’ elves in the film by Disney’s Prep and Landing. My son was a huge fan of this movie and we must have watched it over a hundred times in that year of its release. Hallmark featured ornaments, plush toys and other novelties for the show and this immediately began my real fascination with the magic that they produced for the holidays. This year, is no different. Tonight, I bought for the memory of the second year I will be without my little boy, the “Find me Santa!” snowflake ornament. This ornament will be featured on my tree this year in honor of his love for Christmas and all things magical. The ornament by Hallmark lights up so Santa can find you on Christmas Eve. The special light up ornament can be personalized to add the person’s name, in my case, my sons and can be hung from a door, a tree or a window. The button if pressed for over 4 seconds even will stay lit for hours until Santa arrives to deliver his toys.

My review of this product is that it holds true to the high quality Hallmark name. I appreciate the special touch of adding a name to the product and that there is a story behind each tradition and item. The snowflake is heavy duty and the ribbon to hold it is strong and hangs well. The batteries are easily replaceable and comes with an extra name plate. This ornament is definitely worth the $10.00 I paid for it. I cannot wait to show it off for this and every year to come in memory of my sweet little boy who would really love this product.

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