Best of the Holidays: TV Show Specials

As Thanksgiving season has arrived, one of the special ways to ring in the Christmas season is with the television specials. These specials consist of some of the greatest television programs for the holidays. Arranged, in no particular order, are the following top BEST OF THE HOLIDAY television shows:


1. A Charlie Brown Christmas: This is by far the greatest and probably one of the most popular Christmas specials that dates back to 1965. Charlie Brown has been a prominent figure in the holiday season television showcase ever since whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. This not only features classic Christmas music that is timeless and wonderful to ring in the season with, but touches upon Christmas’ true meaning without being too explicitly religious. This is my number one Christmas classic and it is now on Blu-Ray!


2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: This show first aired in 1964, very close to the year Charlie Brown Christmas surfaced. This is probably the most shown special for the holidays. The show features classic hits from Burl Ives and is so antique in its graphics that though its aged, children and adults can enjoy together. One of my favorites from this show, and my sons’ favorite was Bumble. Who can forget, “Bumbles Bounce.”


3. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: This aired in 1966, close again to the above-mentioned shows. This show, a cartoon classic, that has since been transformed into lifelike performances in the movies, is the true classic. The main theme holding that there is more to Christmas than just what you can buy and what you can receive. Also, if you accompany this movie with the classic book, it is a true holiday charm that should be on every Christmas list.


4. Prep and Landing: This is probably out of the newer holiday shows my ultimate favorite. My son who was 3 at the time watched this movie over and over again until he knew every word. His giggles would fill the room with the cute little elves and their journey to deliver presents in a cute, comical way that leads kids to use their imagination on how Santa delivers their presents. The characters are all adorable and the show is very kid friendly and adults will love it too. I highly recommend this show!


5. Frosty the Snowman: This aired in 1969. A cartoon that went off the premise of the holiday song. The animations are adorable and the story is one that no matter how old the film, it still catches the attention of children today. The song is one that the children will remember afterwards. This is an all-time classic along with Rudolph. I think everyone grew up to this show every Christmas. I remember first watching this as a young child.

Hope you enjoy my list of Christmas classics! What are your favorite films to watch this holiday season?

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