Product Review: The Elf on the Shelf #ElfontheShelf

Happy Holidays to all my readers!


This year marks the first time of a new tradition. I went out and purchased the new “Elf on the Shelf” toy. The idea of this Elf is to capture the magic of Christmas by having an Elf come into your home for the month of December and watch over your children to let Santa Claus know if they have been good boys’ and girls’. This elf comes as a girl or boy and is sent from the North Pole to be named by your child which activates the magic of the Christmas season upon us. Supposedly, at night, the Elf tells Santa about each day’s adventure with the children and each morning the Elf is back home with the child ready for the next day ahead. The tradition that makes this toy unique is that it allows the family to have fun “hiding” the Elf and then having the children wake up and be excited to find him/her the next morning. This has become quite a popular fad the last few years as more and more children are waking up to find their elves and even buying outfits for them.


The product is a bit pricey at around $30.00, but is a tradition that will last for years’ of use with the child as they grow. This $30 also includes not only the doll, but a hardcover storybook to tell the history and tale of the new Elf entering your home. I highly recommend investing in this product. This is definitely a HIT in my book. I love Christmas and the magic of the season and this just plays right into the magic of it all.


I recently saw that they are now featuring Elf Pets. This is a product I would love to try. I really love the idea behind this Elf Pet. The pet creating magic through compassion. The Elf Pet consists of a reindeer with a heart around his neck, and each time your child hugs, talks and cuddles with the reindeer, it helps to create the magic so it will fly with Santa’s sleigh. I think that whoever created these ideas were really smart. This is a very unique idea which will hold special tradition for years to come for families and will passed down through generation.

This season check it out, I know Hallmark sells them and I have seen them at our local Wegmans grocery store.

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