Product Review: Got2B Styling Spiking Glue

Hey Readers!


If any of you are into hair products then this blog is for you. I have always had short hair for as long as I can remember. I have not always been able to find product though. Recently, I was introduced to Got2B styling spiking glue and I have been obsessed with this product for my hair ever since. The product, first off, is reasonably priced. The product is found at local drug stores and department stores for around $5.00 a bottle. If you have ever bought product before in a hair salon, you know that $5.00 a bottle is a steal. Every once and awhile the company will put out coupons for the product in the local Sunday papers making this product even cheaper.

First thing I love about Got2B spiking glue is that it really locks your hair into place no matter what the climate is. The glue doesn’t need to be used a lot at once to create an everlasting hold. I have really short hair and it takes less than a dime size for me to get my hair all set for the day. The bottle, for myself, could last months on hand. The glue is water-resistant and perfect for those looking to spike or faux-hawk their hair.

I definitely recommend this product as a HIT.



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