Hey Bloggers! Last night I received a T-Fal Excite 14 piece non-stick cookware set with extra cookie sheet pans. I have never been one to be a real cook in the kitchen, but these vibrant colors inspire me to want to try. The pans are dishwasher safe, have an even heat base and have safe handles from the heat. What I found really nice about this product is that they offer a lifetime warranty. If a company can stand by their product with a statement like that, I feel that is top quality. I reviewed pricing for this item online and found that it ranges around the $100 mark. This I don’t feel is a real unreasonable request for such high quality cookware.

Of course, after receiving last night, I had to try it out. This morning I found that this cookware really holds true to its quality. The really neat feature is the thermospot heat indicator. The indicator shows the cook when the pan will be preheated. The pots claim to be scratch-resistant and honestly I didn’t want to test to even try and find this out but I did. The pan didn’t scratch luckily! I don’t know if I want to place them in the dishwasher as I have been told mixed remarks on whether you should do that or not. It is nice to know though that they are supposedly dishwasher safe though.

The set I received was in kiwi color but you can choose from many different vibrant colors. The colors available are: red, tangerine, purple and blue.

This was a HIT! I highly recommend for those who are in the kitchen a lot. You won’t be disappointed!


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