Hey bloggers coming to you this afternoon in NY to invite you to an upcoming book club event that begins on December 22. I am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of this book club with DearMarch.com and Amelia Heinle. I wanted to let all of you folks know about this club and give you the information, so if you are a book reader, like myself you could join in on the fun! What else is there to do if your in the Northeast with Winter wonderland outside your door?

The book club is going to be very interactive and feature new books chosen by Amelia Heinle herself. The club will have weekly discussions and the first book chosen is by Jimmy Page titled “One Word That Would Change Your Life.” If you are into inspirational and motivational reads, this sounds like a good one!

If interested in joining the book club please email: info@dearmarch.com and let them know you wish to be on the book club email listing!

Remember the club starts December 22, 2014 so grab the book and get ready to be motivated. I want to know what your word will be for 2015! Also, a big thank you to Dearmarch.com and Amelia Heinle for this great social opportunity!