Hey Guys! If you are anything like me you need at least two cups a day of coffee to keep you going. At times, the day finds me at four cups and I sware that if it wasn’t for the IV of caffeine I get through the drive-thru multiple times a day that I would not survive. I am a true coffee fan and addict. My addiction of choice is Canada’s created Tim Horton’s. This coffee is the best coffee I have tasted in all my travels. I have tried Starbucks and I find their coffee is too strong. I have had Dunkin Donuts and their coffee is not bad, but just doesn’t have the same aroma as Tim Horton’s does.

I have friends that sware by Starbucks and I have ventured there at times and not only have I paid more for coffee but the drinks just do not taste that great to me, at least not that I have tried at this point. I DO however prefer Starbucks atmosphere more than Tim Horton’s. Starbucks is a great company to work for and I love how they feature musical artists and have green stores for healthier, cleaner living. They donate to great organizations and promote some really great causes.


This gets to what my blog is about today. Tim Horton’s-I love you but seriously what is with not having a rewards card? Starbucks has a rewards program that gives back to its frequent shoppers in the form of a gold card. This gold card gives free drink and food rewards, early access to new products, birthday drink and treats on them and free in-store refills on certain items. What a way to show appreciation to your frequent buyers who invest all their love and money into your product and service. Tim Horton’s what do you offer me as a customer who buys from you at least three times a day? Nothing.

This past Fall Tim Horton’s came out for a short period of time with what they called a frequent buyer card. The card needless to say had the restrictions of being a medium coffee or larger, as I get smalls and you needed six or at some stores more stickers from the cups to get just one drink of any size. This was NOT a reward to me at ALL. The worst part was that my friends and I had stickers gathered up and when we asked for a card about a month later, we were told the cards were gone and no more were being issued. The stickers were wasted. What a disapointment. So, I ask Tim Horton’s what can we do to fix this? How can you show appreciation to your loyal coffee drinkers?

What do you guys think? What do you enjoy to drink? I would love to know.


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