***This item was sent to me as a product review. My opinion is strictly that of my own. I was not paid in any way to provide this product review.***


Happy Holidays fellow bloggers and viewers! This week in the mail I received a 4 fl oz. Healthy Home Company Sanitizer to use for the home and hand. The company is a club where members can purchase toxic-free health, home and body products. The theme is making a healthy place at home for families. I think this is a wonderful idea and I do not feel that many of us really think about the chemicals and toxic products we are everyday around in our homes while our children or pets are around. The website if you are interested in checking out the products for your own home is: www.healthyhomecompany.com. The website at first glance may appear to be pricey, but you must remember that these are products that are oxygen rich solution and fight against bacteria, viruses and is safe on our family as well as eliminating odors. Sure, we can all go to the dollar store and buy products for cleaning and sterilizing but really how effective are they and are they doing more harm to us than good?

I am a huge animal lover and advocate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the product was also NOT tested on any animals. This is just one other reason why I endorse this product. I used this product when I received it to spray down my couch. I have a dog and he likes to sit on the couch and make it smell like “dog” smell. I thought this would be a great test. The solution said it was safe on all surfaces, so I opened it and sprayed it down. The spray itself has really no scent to it, a very crisp and clean water aroma if any. The spray was easy to spray and a few pumps and the couch was back to smelling fresh and new. This definitely worked well and there was no chemical odor as with other companies that seem to only mask the odor with a fragrance. This actually appeared to get to the root of it and disinfect it. I love to see more and more products that are becoming organic and natural. These days it seems all we consumers are surrounded by are chemicals in everything around us. I trust this product and give it a big HIT! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a safer way to clean their home. The company has over 70+ products that you can try. I am very interested in the facial cleansers and the toothpaste. I think that these are things that we use daily and do not realize what is being put upon our skin or ingested in our bodies.

Take the challenge. GO Organic and Natural. Check out HealthyHomeCompany! You won’t regret it and will be helping out the Earth with every spray and cleanse you do!


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