I have been thinking a lot recently about those who are our enemies or those that hurt us with intention. These people whom we have loved or cared for that suddenly have turned on us or walked away. Those that have done us intentional harm and appear to hold no regrets or remorse. During these actions in our lives, it is very hard to not want to hate back and become ugly ourselves with words and actions. This year, I refuse to allow myself to enter that dark place. To all those who hurt us and intentionally want to see us fail, they need our prayers and love the most. There is something wrong not in us but in them that makes them feel that this is the way to treat someone-especially when they wear a mask of someone that the rest of the world doesn’t know or see. They can fool a crowd, but they cannot fool themselves or God.

Now, I am in no means religious but I am spiritual. I believe in higher powers and I believe that there is something out there that definitely holds us to being better people and rewarding us when we succeed in trials that are meant to destroy us. Karma or Awakening will occur at some point one must believe in the lives of those who cause destruction and harm. Matthew 5:44 states to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” I know this can be tough but you must remember the only harm being done with your hate and anger is to your own inner psyche and well being. Be the bigger and better person. At least when you go to bed at night you can be proud of who you are, knowing what you represent to others is the truth and not just a mask you wear around those who “think” they know you. Sadly, so few people actually do. So, for the one who has caused me the utmost pain and despair in these last few years, if you happen to stumble upon this and read it, know that I love and forgive you. I hope that someday you find peace within yourself to see the harm you cause and that the person you want to be and strive to be is possible when you let go of the ill will and hate inside you that you put forth upon me. Do what is right. It is that simple.

Best wishes everyone this 2015. Have a great week ahead and remember to always live by your convictions and forgive those who this week or may have already hurt you. You are better than the hate that you carry inside you. Blessings.


One thought on “Sunday Reflection: Forgiving Those Who Hurt Us #forgiveness #matthew544 #loveyourenemies

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