Hey Guys! My apologies for slacking this week. It has been a truly crazy week for me and I am back now on board and ready to post my week of reviews for items I have received and tried out this past week. The first review I am going to talk about today is from Anytime Costumes.Com. The website features an enormous array of costumes of all types and much more including party items. When I first found the website, the page immediately jumped out at me with its vibrant colors. The costumes were original, unique and appeared to look of high quality. The prices were reasonable and with each category of costume I noticed that there is a lot more than just your regular Halloween apparel. The costumes range from Mardi Gras to St. Patricks to 4th of July. This is really a one stop shop for all things decorative. The website was very easy to navigate and finding sizes and certain items were very easy to find with their detailed descriptions and page detail. The website claims that if an item is purchased by 3pm EST that they will send it out the same day! That is an incredible customer service perk! The company even offers international shipping! I also loved that if you were not satisfied they will free exchange the item for you. This is a company that shows it stands behind its products.


I decided to order the Marvel Spiderman adult costume. When it arrived within a day or two I was certainly pleased to see that the shipping definitely was quick as they claimed to be. I immediately opened it and had to try it on. The costume was easy to get on, felt very authentic and high quality fabric (not the type you would buy from Wal-Mart or Kmart) and was easy to breathe and see in. I could’ve worn this thing all day. The costume was one full bodysuit. I loved it and will definitely be wearing this costume again! It would be a great addition for a child’s birthday party super hero visit surprise! The costume was WELL WORTH every penny and I stand by this company and their products 100%. I Highly recommend them! This is a HIT.

Check them out at: http://anytimecostumes.com

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