Product Review: Glow 2 Go ThermaLabs Self Tanning Towelettes #productreview #thermalabs #glow2go


***Disclaimer:  I received this product for free,for review purposes,all thoughts and or opinions are my own and I was not compensated.***

This week I have been lucky enough to review the Therma labs Glow2Go self tanning towelettes. I have always been the palest person in Western New York and so I am always looking to add color to my face, arms and legs. I have tried tanning booths (but do not like the health factor concerns with skin cancer etc.) and I have tried spray tanning which ended with me looking like a striped zebra. Nothing ever works. So, when I received these towelettes I was excited but leery to give them a try.

The 20 towelettes you will receive with your first box are 70% organic body cream formulated for all skin tones from the pale such as myself to olive or dark skin complexions as well. These towelettes do not require you to use a glove or use a spray, you simply take out the towelette and begin cleansing the skin. The product claimed to be 100% streak free and waterproof and I was curious about this as I have always ended up with streaks. When I used the product, I do not know if I would call it streaks but my arm around the creases and where my wrist is did seem to appear a different color or streaky. I think this was merely though my own lack of personal knowledge on using it, as the color of the tan was wonderful, a natural color, not the fake orange bake so many self tanners have.The tan showed up in less than 4 hours time and was very natural looking. I could see it looking amazing if you really knew how to work it around the hands and joints.

I enjoyed while after applying the product and waiting to get dressed that the tanner did not feel greasy or it did not feel sticky to the touch. I hate having lotions etc on my hands and this made it very simple and clean to use. I used two wipes for my arms and there was barely any scent at all as well, versus your other tanners that tend to have a stronger odor to them. Some not real pleasant smelling. I would compare the wipes here to that of a baby wipe.I have sensitive skin and can say that these were very gentle and did not give me any trouble.

The packaging of the product was wonderful. The box comes with an open here bottom so as to have a clean and organized towelette holder for the wipes in your closet or bathroom cabinet without having an open box and just multiple packages thrown about. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee as well that you will be pleased with your purchase. I think it is always commendable and worth mentioning when a product offers this type of commitment.

This product for a quick on the go pick me up for a self tanner is a HIT! I would recommend. I would just say be careful when trying to do your hands and creases like elbows and by your fingers. Other than that, a truly great product and definitely worth the $!!

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