Product Review: Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ/Kitchen Glove #aylsiliconeglove


***Disclaimer:  I received this product for free,for review purposes,all thoughts and or opinions are my own and I was not compensated.***

This week I received the AYL Silicone Gloves for heat resistant grilling and bbq as well as for use in the kitchen. The gloves (a pair) in red silicone are or use in high temperature cooking situations. Last night for dinner, I made pizza and instead of using the average pot holder or cooking glove I would normally use I decided to try and use these gloves. As I reached into the oven, I was at first concerned as to if they would really hold up. The gloves felt incredibly durable and my hands fit in them nicely. The material is definitely not cheap and is 100% pure silicone. The gloves can take up to 425 degrees fahrenheit, which is an extremely high temperature to just place your hands on.


After using them to pick up my pizza, I placed the gloves in the dishwasher to wash. These gloves were completely waterproof. They kept my hands completely safe all the way up to my wrist. After the dishwasher, the gloves came out looking just as new as the first time I tried them on. There was no odor or no staining at all. This is the definite mitt to use with FDA approval for all your cooking and baking needs. I highly recommend it as a HIT! Time to rethink your old pot holders!!

Check it out:


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