**I received a free ebook of this title to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Hey Bloggers! I recently reviewed a new travel book that allows the financially well off and the poorest of poor to still have the opportunity to travel America with simply $20 a day. I know you think this may be impossible, as I did on first hearing it, but this book will provide you the insight. Author Jason Odom and his wife have traveled thousands of miles around the country to create this amazing book on healthier living and travel. This edition of the book has many great photos of all different places around the country as well as a lot of useful content. I loved the farmer’s market finder tool, this in itself is very helpful and useful, as I am a HUGE advocate for farmer’s markets and fresh produce.

This book really allows those with a desire to travel to really understand how to camp, shower and get around for next to nothing. The topics they cover are practical and I will say some of them I definitely could not see myself doing but for the real hipster looking to be a nomad they may just love. I don’t think I would personally enjoy a sponge bath in a gas station bathroom or say using napkins to use the bathroom in a plastic bag but I know people that would. I think the book was very engaging but it definitely depends on the person for if it would hold true value for their own individual traveling style and needs. The prime point of the book is $20 a day travel and they accomplish what the book is meant to prove so that to me was the most important.

I loved the writing style and it was very easy to read. The book is definitely worth reading and worth the money. If anything it will inspire you to think smarter on your life and your choices financially and emotionally. The author seems very likeable and down to Earth and the book though not a choice for everyone would be good especially for those retired or not able to work that have the real time to take to travel and experience life. So jealous! Definitely makes me want to travel real soon!

This book is a HIT! A++

Check it Out:



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