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Having trouble sleeping? Are you not interested in taking medication or find that the medication leaves you groggy or with side effects? Then, this is the solution for you. I tried the Berry Sleepy 100% fruit sleep aid and found it very helpful in easing me into a full nights sleep without interruption and side effects. This formula includes three powerful sleeping induced fruits that mixed together infuse a dose of natural sleep accompanied with rich antioxidants.

The passion fruit part of this aid promotes serotonin production which gives a restful sedative sleep. The mind and the body with this Serotonin can rest more calmly without interruption. The second component is Goji Berries. This berry provides Magnesium and Thiamine which increases energy and decreases the amount of time that is needed to fall asleep. Third, the tart cherries that are in this blend contain Melatonin which improves your sleep patterns and quality of sleep.


What I love about this product is that it is safe and effective. The capsules have no sleep symptoms or side effects and are non-addictive like other sleeping agents. The capsules are natural and drug-free and certified vegan. I wish the capsules were a bit smaller as I have a tough time swallowing pills but the smooth coating helped them to go down easier. I did not experience any aftertaste. If you aren’t satisfied with the product they will even give you a money back guarantee! I highly recommend this product. Check it out: