Product Review: natural coconut powerful exfoliator/moisturizer #firstbotany #amazonreview #moisturizer #exfoliant #productreview #FBCoconutScrub

Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk about adding a unique experience to your next shower. I am by no means high-maintenance but when I received First Botany’s coconut exfoliant and scrub I was curious to try it.

How does this work? Simple. As you shower you place the product on your palm and rub circular motions into your skin. This removed dead skin cells and also rejuvenates the skin while leaving a healthy finish and appearance.

The smell is delicious, a coconut tropical experience. The texture and appearance to me at first made me a bit leery. I felt and looked literally like I was placing table sugar all over my body. The feeling was odd at first and grainy but after washing it off I was left with a pleasant and new feel to my once tired and dry skin. There was no greasy residue!

The ingredients of coconut milk and gentle oils make for a healthy product versus some of the chemicals and other products on the market. Use this to ward off toxins and harmful chemicals with a barrier of soft and gentle protection. Our skin is so important and it deserves to be nurtured.

Ingredients : coconut milk, sea salt, vitamin E, Almond oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, Grapeseed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Avocado oil, Dead sea salt.

Check it out:


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