Travel Review: THE RIDE NYC #theride #theridenyc #tourists #travel

***I received free passes to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.***

Welcome to the Big Apple aka New York City. Is it your first time here or are you just looking to see the sights again in a new way? 

The Ride NYC is unlike any other tour you will ever take. The experience started out a bit rough looking for the bus with the directions given having never been to the city streets alone before without someone knowledgable beside me. Once I found the bus though The RIDE didn’t disappoint. 

The experience was energetic and full of life with a friendly tour guide/speaker and a million dollar tour bus full of high tech speakers, televisions and a stadium style seating arrangement that places you in front of panoramic Windows-seeing everything from your seat. The window seats even got passerby attention with those walking and in buildings seeing us and waving to say hello.

The RIDE is set up as a combo tour with performance and historic and knowledgable information all in one. The information was informative and even managed to engage the children with funny quips and tidbits of each step. The ride was animated to say the least. This was a definite plus for myself as I loved learning of the different buildings history.

One thing I wish would have been included was the 9/11 Memorial. The children really wanted to see it and it would have been a great addition to the 75 minute tour we took. This is a key location people want to see and I would love to see it added in. The tour guide was friendly and lively but failed to show key locations that I was looking Forward to seeing such as the Chrysler Building. 

I was excited when I entered the RIDE because it had advertised dancers, free style rappers, etc. and I will say on our whole tour the only thing we saw was a ballerina at the end and she seemed misplaced in the whole thing. So, the main additions the RIDE offered in its advertising I failed to see. This was very disappointing. I waited for something that never was delivered. 

The price for the ride is steep at around $70. They also suggest tipping at the end. I took the 4pm your and wonder if maybe at night it would have given me more for the money. 

Overall, I would recommend if you can get this in a package deal or a discount rate going and trying it and maybe going for the evening tour or early morning when they are fresh and ready to go. You will get to see the city through the eyes of the tour bus in a way unlike any other tour. If you are lucky you will get to experience the part live entertainment which I think would’ve added to my experience. 

I would go again to compare. Thank you THE RIDE NYC for a great experience for my family. Enjoy everyone!! 


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