Movie Review: Sing #sing #americanidol #moviereview #pixar #kidsmovie

This animated movie by Illumination had been sold out the first week of its release in my town. People were lining up to see the film with their children during the holiday season and like them I took my son to see it and the following is my review.
Sing is about Buster Moon, voiced by Matthew McConaughey. Buster is a koala who runs a local theater that in its day was glamourous and filled with people and now we see a theater that is falling apart, pending foreclosure and in need of a big talent to make it what it use to be once more. Basically, Buster decides he will hold a singing competition and award the winner with $1,000. Unfortunately, his secretary, a cute chameleon creates a typo and places the prize at $100,000. The crowds line up to sing and win the prize but so much more is behind this almost two hour movie. 

Yes, two hours. I found myself very fidgety after the first hour or so. My son began to fidget shortly after me. The film just was too long and dragged out a story that could have definitely cut at least a half an hour off of the film.

The characters were cute and likeable and the songs were contemporary and most of the children in the theater knew all the songs that were sung. One of my favorite characters was a pig in a gold lame’ jumpsuit singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. 

The film is rated PG and though it’s not the worst film to take your kids to and see I would definitely be prepared to feel a bit ansy after the first hour and a half when you realize the film just keeps going on and on. The theme of the film is cute and characters are fun but I overall just found this film lacking the substance to keep me entertained like say a Despicable Me movie or something Disney. 

My opinion: wait for the DVD!


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