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Laptop and a cup of coffee

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Good Morning Everybody,

Today is Saturday morning and it is almost noon. I am already dressed and have already been out in our -6 degree weather here in Western New York because I have an addiction to coffee. The first thing when I wake up in the morning is the thought of getting my Tim Horton’s coffee here in town. I do not know where all  you readers are from but if you are lucky enough to experience having a Tim Horton’s in your town I highly recommend you take advantage. In my town, there are only two commercial options for my caffeine fix and the other one is Starbucks. Starbucks is definitely more your “national” brand coffee company. The company is definitely higher priced than Tim Horton’s and I think that is because it is clear that they put their capital into designing fancier cups and fancier shops. Tim Horton’s is a more Northern company and I have yet to see it go further than Pennyslvania in my travels. I continually say if someone was wise enough to place a Tim Horton’s down South that it would be a gold mine with not only their food but their Iced Cappucino. If you read this and invest and make it big, remember where you heard it from!


Tim Horton’s based in Canada is a company that is reasonably priced and continues to offer a wide range of donuts, drinks as well as sandwiches, soups and other food items. If I had to tell you one thing about Tim Horton’s I dislike more than Starbucks it would be the constant customer service request I have for a “reward” card like the Gold star reward card offered by Starbucks. Starbucks will actually give you star points on your purchases, so if you are a loyal coffee drinker at their establishment you will find yourself receiving special treatment almost in their shop. Now, Tim Horton’s I spend over one hundred dollars a month in their shop and that gets me nothing in rewards. They occasionally have their “roll up the rim” contest but that is random winners and you rarely find yourself with anything. Also, they ran once a sticker reward card where after a certain amount of coffees you received a free one. Hold on, there is a catch, it cannot be a small like I drink. This is not okay. I assure you with all the money I spend whether it is a small or medium makes no difference.


So, Tim Horton’s us loyal customers need a reward card. We need something for our daily treks in -6 degree weather to taste your delicious aroma of piping hot coffee and possibly a sugary and sweet donut to accompany it. Starbucks, you disappoint me with your prices and your options. I simply cannot find a product that I enjoy in your shop and at $3.00 each for even just a “tall” which is a small basically I fear spending the money as I have to just be left with a full cup of something I do not enjoy. So for now, Tim Hortons is my recommendation on where to go for your daily coffee fix and delicious lunch or treat.

At this moment, Tim Horton’s is now offering “Chock Full of Love” as a promotion which gives the customer an option of a brownie batter donut, a double chocolate muffin, a dark hot chocolate, double chocolate cookie or chocolate chip iced cappucino. If you can look at this promo picture and not salivate I commend you.

Check the websites below to find out if you have a Tim Horton’s near you or Starbucks:


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