The film is an adaptation of the book by Paula Hawkins. Prior to watching the film I was advised that the book was much better, as they typically are, from the movie itself. I walked into the movie Tuesday evening with no expectations. 

As the movie began and I learned more and more about the characters I found myself not able to connect or feel anything for them. The divorcee, played by Emily Blunt, ultimately which the film is based around felt unattached and hard to connect and relate to. As she becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation I simply did not care that the girl played by Haley Bennett had gone missing and found her actually to be sort of empty and almost classless.

The characters all possessed a sense of darkness and lack of beauty and the nudity in the film seemed unnecessary. Justin Theroux who plays Tom, the ex husband with a new life, was a real creep and I thought he did a very good job at portraying his role as did Emily Blunt for what they were given as a screenplay. 

The story is set with a divorcee on a train everyday passing by her old home now lived in by Justin Theroux’s character Tom and his new wife and baby. As she dreams of a life outside of her own she becomes enthralled with neighbors next door and imagines what it must be like to be them. As we all know there is no perfect life or Marraige and soon she sees a shocking revelation that fills her with anger. As she wakes up from being drunk the next day she awakens to blood and no recollection to the night prior. All she knows is something bad happened. Suddenly, she finds herself invested in finding out what happened to Megan the girl next door and what part she played, if any, in this night of mystery. 

Once I got into the storyline though I did not care about the characters I did want to finally see what did in fact occur. The ending offers a twist and made it not completely a waste of my hour and 12 minutes of time in front of the television. 

Overall I would say if you are looking for a movie with some thrill, some sex and drama check this out. It won’t be the worst three dollars you ever spend. Just glad I didn’t see it in the theater.

Enjoy! ☕️