If you are anything like me you are a working mom with not a lot of time on your hands to make fancy dinners each and every night but still want your children/child to have a healthy well-balanced meal on the dinner table in between homework, school events and sports.

My son who is seven has challenged this non cooking mom to really learn how to get creative and find things that he will enjoy. The following websites I found helpful recipes on and fully encourage you to try to get that picky eater in your household to enjoy helping to make the meal and hopefully eating it too.

I stumbled upon the website http://www.kraftrecipes.com, the first website that offered a specific section on “picky kid eaters” and I immediately dove in to see what I could find. I stumbled upon Velveeta Tasty Baked Mini Taco Bowls and they looked delicious, they had nutritional value of under the 9g of sugar that my son can have in a sitting and only took a total of 30 minutes to prepare and serve. This recipe is very handy and has worked wonders for me. I enjoy it as well! The website also features recipes for other meals such as breakfast, lunch and snack!

I highly recommend checking out this website. As a new cook in the kitchen this recipe website was very easy to read and understand. The recipe gave detailed times for preparation and serving time as well as ingredients broken down and tips step by step. I will definitely incorporate this into our family meals more often now.

On a separate note, the key to your “picky eater” is to not stress it. I know at first I really stressed why he wouldn’t eat and how I could get him to eat, if anything at all. I now have decided to plan a meal and make him eat it unless he has tried it and definitely does not like it. They say at young children’s ages it takes a few tries for children to decide if they like/dislike foods. Do not be so quick to feel insulted and that your cooking is being critiqued. As our children get older their taste buds change and what once was their favorite may suddenly no longer be something they desire.

The World Wide Web is full of wonderful resources for cooking with your picky eaters and I will name a few sources below to have you check out:

  1. http://www.kraftrecipes.com
  2. http://www.jif.com
  3. http://www.schoolfamily.com




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