Tonight I watched this On Demand show with DIRECTV and entered into the program completely unsure of the premise and whether I would enjoy it or not. Let’s discuss the overall theme of this series. A married couple struggles to find intimacy in their relationship until they meet Izzy an escort who ends up becoming entangled with them both unexpectedly after (Jack) admits to his wife that he met Izzy one night in a hotel room and became intrigued with her. The wife (Emma) of course must meet her face to face and therein lies our show premise. The series is marked as a comedy and first aired March 22, 2016. The first series has completed and can be watched On Demand until the next season premieres. 

Episode one started out a bit dry for me. The couple definitely lacked intimacy and at times I thought they seemed awkward and uncomfortable. I did not feel a strong connection to either character which is hard for me because I usually try to find something I identify with in each series. The theme though I am sure many can relate to. The couple whose been married and the sex has fizzled out. This day and age it is also not uncommon to see poly relationships where more then one person is involved with one another. The theme is contemporary.

Actor Greg Poehler(Jack), Amy Poehler’s brother debuts in this show with Priscilla Faia(Izzy) and Rachel Blanchard(Emma). I had never encountered any of these actors before but the acting and tone of the show is clever and casual asking the question to viewers what if this happened to you, could you do it? Would you? 

The show is currently only able to be found on Directv so the show could find itself short of viewers as Netflix and Hulu are making a large following with their exclusive series. I had never heard of Audience channel but I am definitely going to binge watch season one and see how it develops. 

Let me know what you guys think? Have you seen this series? 

Check it out On Demand now on DIRECTV Channel 239 and Series 2 begins Valentines Day 2017.


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