Children and A Cold: How to Beat the germs and be healthy. #germs #healthy #children #kids #sick

***I was not compensated for the review of any product shown below. These are my own opinions.***

If you’re anything like me the mere thought of a cold hitting your household begins to make you cringe. No one likes germs and with all the change in weather and children in school it seems to be that one thing that cannot be avoided. Though we may not be able to hide from the cold/flu we definitely can be as proactive as possible. 

Having three children in the home of all different ages makes it very tough to avoid the cold or flu. You, the parent, can tell your children to wash their hands and use sanitizer but lets be honest how many of these children actually will follow through? After all,  it’s hard enough for us as adults to follow through and sanitize our hands.

So do we give up and and wave a white flag to germs and viruses? Do we place the tissues in our nose and let the germs go at it? Instead be proactive! 

I’m going to tell you just a few tips that may really help make the difference between the cold or flu that lasts a day or two or even maybe avoiding it at all.

Being sick is no fun and certainly not the way we want to spend our time so it’s good to let our children know of alternative ways to prevent sickness reaching our home. Today, as I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, parents in the kids’ school districts all have been plagued with the flu/cold this week.  

There is a product out there to help our immune systems fight off these germs. I highly recommend!

Airborne Original which helps to support our immune system provides us with a blast of vitamins, minerals and all with a decent flavor. So how does Airborne work and does it work? On a daily basis our Immune system is constantly attacking germs. Airborne helps to provide the defense to getting sick or the flu and with enough exercise and plenty of sleep quite possibly could have you not getting sick.

 What does Airborne contain?  a combination as I mentioned before of vitamins and minerals and herbs. Airborne comes in a different variety of ways you can get it such as a chewable gummy or a powdered drink.

I personally cannot get a glass of Airborne down but I struggle with drinking any form of medication. I use the Airborne Vitamin C gummies for adults as well as for children. I really like the gummies and you can find most of them at your local stores such as Walmart, Kmart, CVS and Rite Aid.

 The fruit flavored gummies for children and adults come in citrus, mixed berry and grapefruit. I have found that by taking this product so far I have not had the flu or cold hit me this year. 

Another way for kids to stay healthy as well as adults is to make sure to eat healthy. Staying healthy can include eating bananas, spending time in nature, smiling which releases happy hormones, walking to clear your mind and if you can do it water hydration is extremely important. I struggle to drink water but with adding fruit and drink mixes I can meet my daily amount needed. 

 We need to keep reminding ourselves and those in the home that our children play on dirty playgrounds and they drink out of each other’s glasses, they touch everything that comes in contact with them and that these things and activities can spread bacteria and viruses. 

 One of the greatest sentences I ever heard about avoiding being sick is to “wash your hands.” If done enough you can actually reduce the chance of catching a childs cold by like 50%. 

Always remember if you have a sick kid at home to also make sure that when you do the wash this is the time to use the hot cycle. Typically, in our home, we use cold water but the hot water will kill the germs studies have shown. As a parent it is hard but we need to try and also avoid touching our own nose and mouth and as much as you want to cuddle your children it’s important to watch out for viruses which travel distances in blankets, towels, stuffed animals and even the child’s toothbrush. Make sure to toss the old toothbrush out once the cold has passed.

Flu shots. Doctors say that you should have a seasonal flu shot which basically gives you the parent as well as the child the best protection against catching the flu or cold. I’m not sure how I feel about the flu shot.  I’ve never had one personally so I can’t honestly say if it works or not. I know a lot of people swear by them including my wife. I am needle phobic so volunteering my arm without it being a necessity is hard for me. If you are like me and needle phobic, there’s a vaccine called FluMist. Flumist makes it so that instead of getting a needle in the arm you can use the pain-free spray in the nose. 

Lastly, coughing politely is something that should be taught to your child. The sick child if old enough can be taught to sneeze into arm or a tissue. This will prevent the germs from travelinginto the air and possibly onto furniture and yourself. 

I leave you with this: It is always important to not only care for your kids but to also care for yourself! 


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