Product Review: MyPillow Classic As Seen On TV pillow #asseenontv #comfort #mypillow #relax #goodnight 

***This Review was not compensated for its Review. This is strictly my personal opinion.***

The past few years for me have been plagued by physical therapy, Chiropractor appointments and Massage Therapists. The problem always seemed to be the knots and stressors I seemed to carry in my neck. The moment I would awaken I would feel the stiffness in my neck and my whole day I would be in pain unsure of what to do to fix the problem. Nothing I tried worked. The problem always seemed to come back. After buying pillow after pillow at department stores like Wal-Mart to fancier pillows at Bon-Ton I never found one that was better than the other. 

So, when I first saw MyPillow advertised on television and with a cost of around $50 I immediately told myself this was just like every pillow I had tried. The tv ads were simply a hoax to get me to go buy the product and then find myself disappointed I felt. Last week, for Valentines Day, I was given a MyPillow though for a gift from my family and though I have only tried it for a few days I must say this is no hoax.

I received the Medium fill, standard Queen pillow 18.5″x 28″. The pillow came in a carrier box with eye-catching color and appeal surrounded in plastic inside only to be opened to reveal a straight edge pillow with a cool texture and feel and comfortable filling inside. The pillow at first touch was neither hard nor soft but when I rest my head upon it adjusted to meet my own sleeping habits and position. I have woken up each morning feeling great with literally no neck pain. 

The pillow is backed by a 60 night money back guarantee which almost instantly shows you the pride the company feels in the product and how confident, you the shopper are, that they are willing to give you your money back if you don’t agree this pillow is the best you have ever had. Also, the pillow comes with a 10 year warranty and can be washed and is dryable in the machine. No pillow from your local store for $10-20 will give you that guarantee and continued comfort. After first wash usually you will have a lumpy pillow and may even find stains or discoloration. This pillow is guaranteed to be the “most comfortable pillow you will ever own!” 

The product is made in the USA and offers you the consumer a chance to get your perfect fit by using their fitting guide. The company uses a color coded system to meet your needs and will give you reference when ordering. The sizes can be Small to XXL With a firm fill and a Medium fill for men and women. 

So, if you have tried feather pillows, down pillows, memory foam and more you may have done some research on what you want in a pillow. This is the pillow for you. Those may have disappointed but I assure you I stand by this product and will probably be buying another one and for everyone in the house. This is one product that isn’t a gimmick and actually managed to get it right. Don’t be intimidated by the price. It works! 

Check it Out: 


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