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***These opinions are strictly my own and I have not been compensated for this review in any way.***

If you are a parent or have a child in your life than most likely you have picked up a book or two and read them a story. If they are anything like my son, they will read themselves or ask you to read to them on a daily basis. Reading has always been an important fundamental in our household. The following are some fun magazine publications for children of various ages to enjoy. What kid does not like to get mail sent to the home addressed personally to them?


National Geographic Kids:  This publication is from National Geographic and is created solely for children. The Science and Nature elements to this magazine are for children who enjoy reading about different animals, history and discoveries throughout the world. The magazine is eye-catching with bright covers and photographs of animals and will help them to learn all about nature and the animals in the world a page at a time. All issues also usually include something for the child like a poster, stickers or maps! There are ten issues a year and the price unless you find a deal is around $24.95.

Highlights High Five Magazine: This magazine is based for children ages 2-6. I personally feel though that even some older children would enjoy the pages out of this magazine. The magazine is all about learning and using basic skills throughout daily life. The pages engage the child in Math, Science, English and other areas of learning as they read and observe the colorful illustrations. The magazine has many articles, photos, games and experiments for the children to do and has a special section where the child can try and find hidden objects. The magazine has 12 issues a year and is pricier at $39 a year but as mentioned you can sometimes find coupon codes or better deals on the web. This I would definitely recommend though for the more activity drawn child in your life.


Zoobooks: This is similar to the above mentioned magazine of National Geographic Kids and is similar in comparison to price. The magazine is different though in the sense that this is more geared strictly towards animals and those particularly involving birds, reptiles, monkeys and insects. The magazine is extremely colorful as is National Geographic and is geared for the ages of 6-12. The magazine does more then host photographs though it also has activity lessons too. The magazine has been around since the 80’s and for the kids who love nature this is a great addition to your home. I remember getting these and loving them! The magazine runs 9 issues a year and is again without discount priced at $29.95.


American Girl Magazine: I have a stepdaughter and though she is grown out of American Girl this magazine is a great publication for elementary girls who are in need or just looking for positive reading material that is inspiring and promotes their self-esteem and wellness. The publication was launched in the early 90’s and is reasonably priced for 6 issues per year at $19.95 a month. Every girl as she reads these pages will be able to relate to friendships, emotions, divorce, self-esteem, and growing up. There are life tips, articles and much more.


Boy’s Life: Lastly, this magazine is geared towards the Scouts’ in the family. The boys who enjoy nature and learning skills and adventure. The magazine is geared for young boys and features video games and technology stories but mostly articles on staying fit, jokes, comics, adventure planning such as hiking and camping and enriching the lives of boys in every page. This is a monthly subscription the whole year round and is a great deal. $24 gives you a whole year and also helps to encourage the young boy in your life to live positively and be healthy.


There are so many magazine publications I could have fit into this small review but for now these are my top picks this month for children’s magazine titles to receive at home. I highly recommend before purchasing that you check for the best deals online!

Check out your local Groupon as well as and!

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