Movie Review: Come and Find Me #review #comeandfindme #movies #thriller 

This was one of those movies that started really slow for me. I never had heard of it before nor had seen any advertising but just happened to be walking through the movie store and decided to pick it up. I do like a good thriller and just the title grabbed my attention instantly.  My wife is an Aaron Paul fan from back in the Breaking Bad days and once we saw he was the main character we had to get it. I hadn’t seen him in a lot of other acting roles minus low budget films or exclusive Hulu tv programs like The Path that I just haven’t been able to get into but we decided on this movie.  

 The beginning started a little dry for me and I found myself confused. When you start to watch this do not get discouraged by the first maybe 15 minutes. The synopsis of the story is Aaron Paul’s (David)girlfriend goes missing and he has to track down her whereabouts when he realizes that she disappeared. The whole movie basically is figuring out exactly what happened to her and why. The cast is made up of Aaron Paul and Annabelle Wallace and other than Aaron Paul I had never seen her before. This is a real thriller. I really enjoyed this film. If you can make it through the beginning you’ll really start to get captivated and really intrigued as to what is going on and why.  This was a great movie I never would’ve picked off the shelf and it’s one of those titles that you really wouldn’t know 100% what the movies about until you really took a look at the back. The film is directed by the brother of Jasper Weeden who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it kind of gives you an idea of the cinematic storytelling. I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie for you but there is a real twist to this movie and it has a real crime and drama feel to it. I think this movie really showcases Aaron Paul’s talent and shows that he’s more than just the Breaking Bad character that he played for so many years. The tricks that they throw at you works amazingly you don’t really realize this is a relationship movie until at the end you kind of go “oh wait a minute” and you really start to see that this is about a romance with two people and you know the strong love that he had to go find her. 

I would almost compare this movie at times to something like Gone Girl but more action packed. My one complaint which I can’t really get into a lot of detail about, is in the ending there’s some unrealistic situations that happen. You really find yourself going “ok, this would never happen in real life.”

My favorite part of this movie was the ending , yes it takes you all the time of the movie to really truly appreciate the ending of the movie. The end is beautifully written and beautifully done.  I thought it was brilliantly written and I definitely am glad I continued to watch the movie because I definitely ended up liking it more than I thought. This movie has a well written script entertaining action-pack with flash back glimpses of romance that will pull at your heart strings. 

I highly recommend this movie. The movie is definitely worth the few bucks at the local movie store. 



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