Movie Review: Office Christmas Party #christmas #review #officeparty 

Where do I even begin with this movie. I remember in December wanting to go to the theater to watch it and it just never worked out. I am thankful now after spending even my $2.00 on this film. The hours in my life I will never get back. I try to not be harsh and critical of a review but this has to be the worst movie of the year I have seen, if not ever. I urge you to save your money and do not be fooled by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston or Kate Mcginnon’s big names as the cast. The cast could not even save this film. 

If you want to watch the film realistically all one would have to do is go to a Saturday frat party or the local dance club, where even there the antics in this film would most likely be way over the top. This film is about a CEO played by Jennifer Aniston who is uptight who is trying to save the family business by telling her brother that she will be letting 80 of his employees go due to financial reasons. Here is your plot folks. Jason Bateman’s character along with actor T.J. Miller decide to throw an epic Christmas “Office Party” to a potential client who can save all the employees jobs should he accept this office’s pitch. 

The directors who created Blades of Glory and The Switch which were films that I actually enjoyed deliver an empty script with characters with no depth and a plot that is far fetched. As I spent over an hour watching cocaine accidentally get blown on the client to make him high and a prostitute giving hand jobs in the bathroom I simply could only shake my head and wonder what Jennifer Aniston especially was thinking. This was more like a sadly two minute skit you would find on SNL, definitely not film worthy.

Overall, as in most films, the day is saved but I struggled after the first fifteen minutes to keep going. The jokes were stale and the acting poor. There was zero chemistry with the characters and watching for over an hour people guzzle beer, use drugs and act without any common sense just simply is not my thing I guess.  I have seen comedies with these elements but they possessed a good script that simply was lacking here.

Overall I would give this movie a 1 out of 4. If you wish to check it out for yourself make sure to check your local Redbox or Video store. 


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