Product Review: V8 Energy Fruit and Vegetable Drink #bzzagent #bzzcampaign #v8juice 

***I was given this product at no cost to try and review. This product review is my own opinion and I was not in any way influenced or compensated for this review.***

Energy drinks…most people think of energy drinks and they instantly think of Red Bull, Monster and other beverages guaranteed to keep you energized and on the move for hours. This energy drink variety pack though is a combination of fruits and vegetables that when combined with green tea extract provide a natural pick me up to get you through the day along with providing a full servings worth of fruits and vegetables. 

V8, if you are anything like me you instantly think of the salty red tomato drink that we all saw our grandparents drink as kids. We may or may not use them for our bloody mary’s as adults. I personally though shudder when I think of tomato juice. I am not a fan so when I was asked to review this v8 juice mix I instantly thought well here is a product that I walked into the review expecting to dislike. I was wrong.

The three different varieties of V8 energy are pomegranate blueberry, orange pineapple and peach mango. After sampling each can, I determined that the Orange pineapple was my favorite. The color was a bit intimidating as it looked like blended carrots yet the taste was pleasant with not being too sweet and having just enough tangy taste to it with a orange pineapple accent. I was not so much a fan of the pomegranate blueberry. I would probably not ever buy that can. The taste of it was very tart and made it hard to swallow more then just a sip. I also am not a huge fan of pomegranate and the blueberry was so subtle I barely tasted it. Peach Mango was alright. The peach mango beverage was fruitier than the orange pineapple and had a more fruit juice appearance to it. This would be my second choice out of the three.

I would recommend definitely buying V8 energy if you are looking for a more natural boost in your day without going for the extremely sugary or dangerous drinks we find in stores like Monster and Redbull. V8 at least provides you with fruit and vegetable supplements. Just be careful if you are pregnant, a child or sensitive to energy and caffeine. I would not recommend drinking this product. 

If interested check V8 energy out in your local grocery store. There are more than just the three v8 energy drinks I mentioned and I am definitely curious to try more such as the Strawberry Lemonade and the Cranberry Raspberry. 

Overall a 👍 


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