Book Review: ABC Sensationally Silly Animals #bookreview 


         ***I was given a free book to read and review. I was not compensated and all opinions express are my own.***

I sat down with this book with my child who is seven and we read the book until it was fully completed. Afterwards, I asked what he thought and he said he liked the drawings and rhymes but found it somewhat confusing because the names of the animals combined were not actual animal names. 

After I put him to bed and sat down to write my review I thought about this book while I reviewed the pages, page by page. My son was right. The illustrations were very cute and the rhymes on each page are cute to read but they can definitely appear confusing to those children looking to become educated on animals and their names and descriptions. The animals are all popular but I don’t understand really why the animals are combined. I think the book could really be cute and educational if they had not put the two animals together. Focus on the fact that the combined animals create a funny and silly name and you will have a really cute book. 

The children while reading through the 26 different illustrations and descriptions can learn their alphabet and also learn lower case and upper case while flipping through each page. 

My concern would be that any child young enough to learn their animals and descriptions would definitely be confused and lost while reading this book. I would stick more to the books that actually show the animals and provide facts. If you are looking for a cute book and the child is older and understands the animals names and can differentiate from two different animals and placing them together to create a fake word then this would work for you. Before a child can comprehend for example what a Frox is they must understand for sure what the actual animals are first and foremost. 

So, overall my review is positive that the illustrations are adorable and the rhymes are cute and fun to read out loud. The book provides educational material as far as the 26 letters of the alphabet go and also how to write each letter upper and lower case. There’s knowledge to be learned in this cute book. I just want to stress that if reading this to say a toddler make sure they understand that the concept is placing two animals together and not just that this name is a name for the animal so they are misinformed. 

I would recommend checking it out at such a great price! 


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