I enjoy writing and giving opinions. I enjoy trying the products that affiliates provide and giving my honest opinions of the results that they provide to you all. Though, I may receive compensation in the form of reward credits, free samples or incentives, rest assured that this does not in any way change my giving you my thoughts of if this product is a “hit” or a “miss.” I appreciate honesty and above all else in this economy, saving a penny or two. If I can help you save from purchasing something that doesn’t hold true to it’s claim-then that is what I will do.

The opinions that I will provide are my own personal opinions. Ultimately, the choice is yours whether the product will suit you or not, and other times we are just here to chat about things that are controversial and on the minds of America. I ask that all comments be respectful and that everyone remember we are all the same and do not deserve anything but 100% respect on this website. Any items received to be tested will be given most of the time as a giveaway, or as a charitable donation to a local agency or individual in need. I always appreciate any donations that are given and thank the distributor for their kindness in allowing me to share their products with you each and everyday.

Thank you for understanding.


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