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Back to School with Hickies Sneakers!

Hate tying your kids’ shoes everyday before they step out of the house? Hate stopping to tie your own shoes mid-run? HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from recess play to Mom and Dad’s triathlons.


Works in any shoe with eyelets.

One size fits all.

Elastic material keeps shoes secure and comfortable.

Never tie again! Play uninterrupted.

Fun look, without messy knots and bows.

Adjustable tightness.

Quick and easy – simply slip on and off.

Never tie, never worry. @Hickies Never Tie Laces on 25% off w/ code USFAM now thru Sept. 20th! .@


Website Review: Quality K Cups 


                 QUALITY K CUPS
If my name is not clear enough as to the indication for my love with caffeine then let me tell you how much I love a great hot cup of coffee. 
When I first bought my Keurig I scoured stores all over the area for the largest variety in coffee k cups I could possibly find. I live in a rural area so I had no options other than a few regular flavors. So, when I heard about this new website called with affordable k cups delivered right to my door in all varieties I could hardly take it! I was SO happy to find! 
The K Cups for sale on the website come in all different flavor roasts from light to medium and dark. I personally love the light roasts but I can appreciate the coffee lovers who range in their levels of darkness and robust flavor. 
The website is very easy to navigate and the drop down menu options are just a click away. This website is the largest k cup directory featuring the best products. This website has the hardest to find and rarest coffee options and at such a reasonable price I have yet to find any cheaper. The coffee for sale on this website to purchase is top quality brands such as Gevalia, Starbucks, Dean and Deluca and many more. 
You can find all your favorite coffee flavors in a variety of forms such as pods, kcups, ground and even whole bean. Looking for new coffee equipment they even have that as well. This is your coffee one stop. 
Premium ingredients easy on your wallet and with so much variety you will never be short for options for every coffee drinker and lover in the home. I personally recommend the Cake Boss k cups chocolate cannoli medium roast. The k cups are $15.47 for 24 of them. You cannot find this in stores and at such an affordable price. Always make sure to check for coupons under the pull down menu and for all you coffee lovers make sure to check out the blogs and writings of fellow coffee lovers alike. 
I am a believer now in ordering ALL my coffee K cup needs now with and hope you will too! You will not regret it.  
Quality K Cups

Book Review: ABC Sensationally Silly Animals #bookreview 


         ***I was given a free book to read and review. I was not compensated and all opinions express are my own.***

I sat down with this book with my child who is seven and we read the book until it was fully completed. Afterwards, I asked what he thought and he said he liked the drawings and rhymes but found it somewhat confusing because the names of the animals combined were not actual animal names. 

After I put him to bed and sat down to write my review I thought about this book while I reviewed the pages, page by page. My son was right. The illustrations were very cute and the rhymes on each page are cute to read but they can definitely appear confusing to those children looking to become educated on animals and their names and descriptions. The animals are all popular but I don’t understand really why the animals are combined. I think the book could really be cute and educational if they had not put the two animals together. Focus on the fact that the combined animals create a funny and silly name and you will have a really cute book. 

The children while reading through the 26 different illustrations and descriptions can learn their alphabet and also learn lower case and upper case while flipping through each page. 

My concern would be that any child young enough to learn their animals and descriptions would definitely be confused and lost while reading this book. I would stick more to the books that actually show the animals and provide facts. If you are looking for a cute book and the child is older and understands the animals names and can differentiate from two different animals and placing them together to create a fake word then this would work for you. Before a child can comprehend for example what a Frox is they must understand for sure what the actual animals are first and foremost. 

So, overall my review is positive that the illustrations are adorable and the rhymes are cute and fun to read out loud. The book provides educational material as far as the 26 letters of the alphabet go and also how to write each letter upper and lower case. There’s knowledge to be learned in this cute book. I just want to stress that if reading this to say a toddler make sure they understand that the concept is placing two animals together and not just that this name is a name for the animal so they are misinformed. 

I would recommend checking it out at such a great price! 

Product Review: V8 Energy Fruit and Vegetable Drink #bzzagent #bzzcampaign #v8juice 

***I was given this product at no cost to try and review. This product review is my own opinion and I was not in any way influenced or compensated for this review.***

Energy drinks…most people think of energy drinks and they instantly think of Red Bull, Monster and other beverages guaranteed to keep you energized and on the move for hours. This energy drink variety pack though is a combination of fruits and vegetables that when combined with green tea extract provide a natural pick me up to get you through the day along with providing a full servings worth of fruits and vegetables. 

V8, if you are anything like me you instantly think of the salty red tomato drink that we all saw our grandparents drink as kids. We may or may not use them for our bloody mary’s as adults. I personally though shudder when I think of tomato juice. I am not a fan so when I was asked to review this v8 juice mix I instantly thought well here is a product that I walked into the review expecting to dislike. I was wrong.

The three different varieties of V8 energy are pomegranate blueberry, orange pineapple and peach mango. After sampling each can, I determined that the Orange pineapple was my favorite. The color was a bit intimidating as it looked like blended carrots yet the taste was pleasant with not being too sweet and having just enough tangy taste to it with a orange pineapple accent. I was not so much a fan of the pomegranate blueberry. I would probably not ever buy that can. The taste of it was very tart and made it hard to swallow more then just a sip. I also am not a huge fan of pomegranate and the blueberry was so subtle I barely tasted it. Peach Mango was alright. The peach mango beverage was fruitier than the orange pineapple and had a more fruit juice appearance to it. This would be my second choice out of the three.

I would recommend definitely buying V8 energy if you are looking for a more natural boost in your day without going for the extremely sugary or dangerous drinks we find in stores like Monster and Redbull. V8 at least provides you with fruit and vegetable supplements. Just be careful if you are pregnant, a child or sensitive to energy and caffeine. I would not recommend drinking this product. 

If interested check V8 energy out in your local grocery store. There are more than just the three v8 energy drinks I mentioned and I am definitely curious to try more such as the Strawberry Lemonade and the Cranberry Raspberry. 

Overall a 👍 

Movie Review: Office Christmas Party #christmas #review #officeparty 

Where do I even begin with this movie. I remember in December wanting to go to the theater to watch it and it just never worked out. I am thankful now after spending even my $2.00 on this film. The hours in my life I will never get back. I try to not be harsh and critical of a review but this has to be the worst movie of the year I have seen, if not ever. I urge you to save your money and do not be fooled by Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston or Kate Mcginnon’s big names as the cast. The cast could not even save this film. 

If you want to watch the film realistically all one would have to do is go to a Saturday frat party or the local dance club, where even there the antics in this film would most likely be way over the top. This film is about a CEO played by Jennifer Aniston who is uptight who is trying to save the family business by telling her brother that she will be letting 80 of his employees go due to financial reasons. Here is your plot folks. Jason Bateman’s character along with actor T.J. Miller decide to throw an epic Christmas “Office Party” to a potential client who can save all the employees jobs should he accept this office’s pitch. 

The directors who created Blades of Glory and The Switch which were films that I actually enjoyed deliver an empty script with characters with no depth and a plot that is far fetched. As I spent over an hour watching cocaine accidentally get blown on the client to make him high and a prostitute giving hand jobs in the bathroom I simply could only shake my head and wonder what Jennifer Aniston especially was thinking. This was more like a sadly two minute skit you would find on SNL, definitely not film worthy.

Overall, as in most films, the day is saved but I struggled after the first fifteen minutes to keep going. The jokes were stale and the acting poor. There was zero chemistry with the characters and watching for over an hour people guzzle beer, use drugs and act without any common sense just simply is not my thing I guess.  I have seen comedies with these elements but they possessed a good script that simply was lacking here.

Overall I would give this movie a 1 out of 4. If you wish to check it out for yourself make sure to check your local Redbox or Video store. 

Book Review: 20 Ways To Make Every Day Better by Joyce Meyer #faithwords #joycemeyer #review 

***I received this product to facilitate my review. I was not required or compensated to provide a positive review. The opinions expressed are my very own. Disclosed in accordance to FTC regulations.***

Has your week hit a slump? Are you tired and needing a pick me up? Is your caffeine just simply not doing it for you? I highly recommend you pick up the new Joyce Meyer book hitting shelves April 2017!

Joyce Meyers, a number one, New York Times best-selling Author is famous for her inspirational, faith- based books on how to live a simple, encouraging and uplifting life and to try and find it in God. I am not a real religious person but Joyce Meyers books are motivational and teach the reader scriptures while making each relevant to today.

 Every chapter beginning with a motivational quote followed by personal testimonies and mixing scriptures and quotations to road map your way to God in not only prayer but also in your daily lives. If that does not interest you try reading a few chapters and see how Joyce Meyers inspires you with this book to just be a better person. Do not be discouraged by the word God or feel that this is strictly a book for religious readers, anyone looking for any motivation in their lives or hoping to practice setting personal daily goals will find this book very helpful.

 What I personally enjoyed in this particular book was that at the end of each chapter, Joyce provides suggestions on how to implement the chapter previously read into the daily lives of you the reader. The chapter’s text is very easy to read and follow and is featured in larger print for those who may struggle with the finer print. 

Some of the topics touched upon are: Not giving in to dread, Learning something new in life each and every day, Refusing to settle and also to invest in yourself. I recommend this book and I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan and this book does not disappoint.

 I recommend slowing down and reflecting on what you are putting out into the Universe and to ask yourself while reading: Am I Thankful enough? Am I Positive Enough? Do I Worry Too Much? By the end of reading this book you will find that if you follow the devotional and the lessons at each chapters end, you are or will be a better person! 

I do not recommend reading this book completely through in just a single sitting. This book should be focused on chapter by chapter each day so you can take away the important lesson, quote and scriptures that are in each and every chapter and apply them to your daily lives.

 If you find that you enjoy this book, Joyce Meyer offers many other popular best-selling titles that she has written. Look for this title in bookstores soon and do not be afraid to change your life a page at a time! 

Check it out:


Movie Review: Come and Find Me #review #comeandfindme #movies #thriller 

This was one of those movies that started really slow for me. I never had heard of it before nor had seen any advertising but just happened to be walking through the movie store and decided to pick it up. I do like a good thriller and just the title grabbed my attention instantly.  My wife is an Aaron Paul fan from back in the Breaking Bad days and once we saw he was the main character we had to get it. I hadn’t seen him in a lot of other acting roles minus low budget films or exclusive Hulu tv programs like The Path that I just haven’t been able to get into but we decided on this movie.  

 The beginning started a little dry for me and I found myself confused. When you start to watch this do not get discouraged by the first maybe 15 minutes. The synopsis of the story is Aaron Paul’s (David)girlfriend goes missing and he has to track down her whereabouts when he realizes that she disappeared. The whole movie basically is figuring out exactly what happened to her and why. The cast is made up of Aaron Paul and Annabelle Wallace and other than Aaron Paul I had never seen her before. This is a real thriller. I really enjoyed this film. If you can make it through the beginning you’ll really start to get captivated and really intrigued as to what is going on and why.  This was a great movie I never would’ve picked off the shelf and it’s one of those titles that you really wouldn’t know 100% what the movies about until you really took a look at the back. The film is directed by the brother of Jasper Weeden who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it kind of gives you an idea of the cinematic storytelling. I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie for you but there is a real twist to this movie and it has a real crime and drama feel to it. I think this movie really showcases Aaron Paul’s talent and shows that he’s more than just the Breaking Bad character that he played for so many years. The tricks that they throw at you works amazingly you don’t really realize this is a relationship movie until at the end you kind of go “oh wait a minute” and you really start to see that this is about a romance with two people and you know the strong love that he had to go find her. 

I would almost compare this movie at times to something like Gone Girl but more action packed. My one complaint which I can’t really get into a lot of detail about, is in the ending there’s some unrealistic situations that happen. You really find yourself going “ok, this would never happen in real life.”

My favorite part of this movie was the ending , yes it takes you all the time of the movie to really truly appreciate the ending of the movie. The end is beautifully written and beautifully done.  I thought it was brilliantly written and I definitely am glad I continued to watch the movie because I definitely ended up liking it more than I thought. This movie has a well written script entertaining action-pack with flash back glimpses of romance that will pull at your heart strings. 

I highly recommend this movie. The movie is definitely worth the few bucks at the local movie store. 


Getting Your Child to Read and Enjoy It! #reading #books #booklover #magazines #storytime #readingisfun #reviews

***These opinions are strictly my own and I have not been compensated for this review in any way.***

If you are a parent or have a child in your life than most likely you have picked up a book or two and read them a story. If they are anything like my son, they will read themselves or ask you to read to them on a daily basis. Reading has always been an important fundamental in our household. The following are some fun magazine publications for children of various ages to enjoy. What kid does not like to get mail sent to the home addressed personally to them?


National Geographic Kids:  This publication is from National Geographic and is created solely for children. The Science and Nature elements to this magazine are for children who enjoy reading about different animals, history and discoveries throughout the world. The magazine is eye-catching with bright covers and photographs of animals and will help them to learn all about nature and the animals in the world a page at a time. All issues also usually include something for the child like a poster, stickers or maps! There are ten issues a year and the price unless you find a deal is around $24.95.

Highlights High Five Magazine: This magazine is based for children ages 2-6. I personally feel though that even some older children would enjoy the pages out of this magazine. The magazine is all about learning and using basic skills throughout daily life. The pages engage the child in Math, Science, English and other areas of learning as they read and observe the colorful illustrations. The magazine has many articles, photos, games and experiments for the children to do and has a special section where the child can try and find hidden objects. The magazine has 12 issues a year and is pricier at $39 a year but as mentioned you can sometimes find coupon codes or better deals on the web. This I would definitely recommend though for the more activity drawn child in your life.


Zoobooks: This is similar to the above mentioned magazine of National Geographic Kids and is similar in comparison to price. The magazine is different though in the sense that this is more geared strictly towards animals and those particularly involving birds, reptiles, monkeys and insects. The magazine is extremely colorful as is National Geographic and is geared for the ages of 6-12. The magazine does more then host photographs though it also has activity lessons too. The magazine has been around since the 80’s and for the kids who love nature this is a great addition to your home. I remember getting these and loving them! The magazine runs 9 issues a year and is again without discount priced at $29.95.


American Girl Magazine: I have a stepdaughter and though she is grown out of American Girl this magazine is a great publication for elementary girls who are in need or just looking for positive reading material that is inspiring and promotes their self-esteem and wellness. The publication was launched in the early 90’s and is reasonably priced for 6 issues per year at $19.95 a month. Every girl as she reads these pages will be able to relate to friendships, emotions, divorce, self-esteem, and growing up. There are life tips, articles and much more.


Boy’s Life: Lastly, this magazine is geared towards the Scouts’ in the family. The boys who enjoy nature and learning skills and adventure. The magazine is geared for young boys and features video games and technology stories but mostly articles on staying fit, jokes, comics, adventure planning such as hiking and camping and enriching the lives of boys in every page. This is a monthly subscription the whole year round and is a great deal. $24 gives you a whole year and also helps to encourage the young boy in your life to live positively and be healthy.


There are so many magazine publications I could have fit into this small review but for now these are my top picks this month for children’s magazine titles to receive at home. I highly recommend before purchasing that you check for the best deals online!

Check out your local Groupon as well as and!

  1. National Georgrap

Product Review: MyPillow Classic As Seen On TV pillow #asseenontv #comfort #mypillow #relax #goodnight 

***This Review was not compensated for its Review. This is strictly my personal opinion.***

The past few years for me have been plagued by physical therapy, Chiropractor appointments and Massage Therapists. The problem always seemed to be the knots and stressors I seemed to carry in my neck. The moment I would awaken I would feel the stiffness in my neck and my whole day I would be in pain unsure of what to do to fix the problem. Nothing I tried worked. The problem always seemed to come back. After buying pillow after pillow at department stores like Wal-Mart to fancier pillows at Bon-Ton I never found one that was better than the other. 

So, when I first saw MyPillow advertised on television and with a cost of around $50 I immediately told myself this was just like every pillow I had tried. The tv ads were simply a hoax to get me to go buy the product and then find myself disappointed I felt. Last week, for Valentines Day, I was given a MyPillow though for a gift from my family and though I have only tried it for a few days I must say this is no hoax.

I received the Medium fill, standard Queen pillow 18.5″x 28″. The pillow came in a carrier box with eye-catching color and appeal surrounded in plastic inside only to be opened to reveal a straight edge pillow with a cool texture and feel and comfortable filling inside. The pillow at first touch was neither hard nor soft but when I rest my head upon it adjusted to meet my own sleeping habits and position. I have woken up each morning feeling great with literally no neck pain. 

The pillow is backed by a 60 night money back guarantee which almost instantly shows you the pride the company feels in the product and how confident, you the shopper are, that they are willing to give you your money back if you don’t agree this pillow is the best you have ever had. Also, the pillow comes with a 10 year warranty and can be washed and is dryable in the machine. No pillow from your local store for $10-20 will give you that guarantee and continued comfort. After first wash usually you will have a lumpy pillow and may even find stains or discoloration. This pillow is guaranteed to be the “most comfortable pillow you will ever own!” 

The product is made in the USA and offers you the consumer a chance to get your perfect fit by using their fitting guide. The company uses a color coded system to meet your needs and will give you reference when ordering. The sizes can be Small to XXL With a firm fill and a Medium fill for men and women. 

So, if you have tried feather pillows, down pillows, memory foam and more you may have done some research on what you want in a pillow. This is the pillow for you. Those may have disappointed but I assure you I stand by this product and will probably be buying another one and for everyone in the house. This is one product that isn’t a gimmick and actually managed to get it right. Don’t be intimidated by the price. It works! 

Check it Out: 

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